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Testimonials for New Journey SDG

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"Even though we have a vibrant Celebrate Recovery ministry the Coastal Recovery Center and New Journey SDG have been an invaluable resource for us. We send people there all the time who not only need the spiritual care to break free from addiction but also the medical care. I wholeheartedly trust their counselors and staff and think every church in our area should have them on speed dial!"

Todd Elliott - Pastor at Beach Church, Myrtle Beach, SC.

"The number one place I turn to when I am with a person that I feel ill equipped to help is Coastal Recovery Center and New Journey SDG. For years I have trusted them with the people I care about most.

"When do I feel people need more help than I can offer? When they struggle with an addiction. When they are losing to depression or debilitating anxiety. When they require long-term counseling guidance into freedom that I simply don't have the time to give. Or when I can't figure out what exactly is the problem.

"Whenever I refer people to CRC and New Journey SDG I am confident that they will receive:

  • Care that reflects the love of Christ and points to His words and ways
  • An accurate medical diagnosis
  • Effective treatment with non-addictive prescriptions, if needed
  • Excellent, intensive out-patient care if their challenge is addiction
  • Skilled counseling if their challenge is emotional and/or spiritual
  • Follow-up care until their patients are in a stable place

"If you are a pastor, doctor, teacher, or any other "go-to" person that others turn to when they are struggling, CRC and New Journey SDG will be a tremendous support and complement to your work. I know them and trust them, and I will continue to refer to them and support their work in whatever way I can. I hope you will, too."

Steve Cromer - Professional Life Coach, Myrtle Beach, SC